Posted by: Jocelyn | December 18, 2007

Turquoise needlepoint box

I was so pleased with the way this box turned out. I did it entirely from scratch, starting with a sheet of heavy cardboard, and blank linen, and made it up as I went.

I so much enjoyed doing the woven stitches – they are just like the old nail and string crafts we used to do in the 70s LOL, but you go through the fabric instead of around a nail. Jean Hilton has specialised in these sort of stitches, but there are also many freebie patterns available around the internet.  Twisted Stitches is one that I used on the box.

  The lid.


  1. This is fabulous!!!! I write a regular feature article for Needlepoint Now – I must keep this in mind. It’s gorgeous, imaginative, tasteful, and doesn’t look like everything else.

  2. […] you want to see really good needlepoint – check out pins and needles – I am very impressed, and hope to improve to this level at some […]

  3. What a beautiful box! I really love your colours and the texture of the stitches. I’m just about to attempt making my first box!

  4. Your box is very pretty. This is an example of successful artistry, that we all hope to achieve. Thank you for the link to Twisted Stitches!

  5. Fabulous! Do you make up your own designs?

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