Posted by: Jocelyn | December 31, 2007

Doodle needlepoint

Tent stitch is usually so incredibly tedious, isn’t it! But this was such a fun thing to stitch during my Christmas summer holiday. I took a mound of blue, green, teal, and purple floss, and a couple of pinks and one orange for counterpoint, and just dipped into them to select the colour for the next doodled motif. Then I joined the motifs together and kept on stitching until I decided yesterday that it is fininshed.

This was inspired by Bonnie Kennedy-Grant’s book “From Breadballs to Brazil and Beyond“. Bonnie is a lovely lady who is currently president of my local embroider’s guild, and her book is such a delight.

I think this piece will become part of a bag to carry and embroidery project in.


  1. I like this idea of ‘doodling’ with a stitch that would not normally be used this way – it looks great fun too

  2. I really like this, and the turquoise box. I have just found you via TIF challenge and really impressed with your needlepoint. One of my challenges this year is to learn new things January’s is needlepoint – I’ll be checking back here for inspiration

  3. This is really, really pretty. It is a miniature work of art – it really is. It would be lovely to “feature” it on a tote for your handwork.

  4. Both your turquoise box and this piece are stunning! (and the colors match the TIF Challenge!)

  5. This is an amazing piece. I love it

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Jocelyn —

    This bag is so interesting, It reminds me of some pieces I love from Maggie Co ( – look under geometrics). The original inspirations for these pieces were some folk art pillows Maggie found which were exactly this kind of stuff. The lady must have used bits and pieces of threads, but hers aren’t always outlined so nicely.

    I’m working on my third one currently, but seeing your stuff is inspiring me to try my own one next.

    Keep Stitching,

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