Posted by: Jocelyn | January 1, 2008

January – developing the concept

January concept
Well it’s here – the 1st of January, and the Sharon’s first concept for the Take It Further design challenge series. And what a concept! Who do we look up to and admire? Why? What makes us admire them? The challenge is to work on that, and develop it, then apply it in the medium of our choice.

Here is a look inside my thoughts (scary place, my brain!) as I contemplate this challenge.

Certainly not what I had been expecting – I thought along the lines of “this month we concentrate on circles” or something easy like that! 

There is a colour palette to work with as well, or instead, but I would like to stick with the given concept each month.

So here is the start of my design journal where I shall try to develop the concept (emphasis on ‘try’). Who do I admire” This could be an actual person, or people in general who … (fill in the blank). Why do I admire them? Any first thoughts on how these ideas could be applied?

Of course, I still have to decide upon what form my challenge pieces will take! My first inclination is towards needlepoint – that is the type of embroidery I go back to time and time again, my first love in the embroidery world. But I also love crazy quilting and haven’t done much lately, and I since first hearing about this challenge I have wanted to do it in CQ work. Right now, I am thinking that needlepoint will be much easier, but easiness isn’t what I want out of this challenge.

So, maybe CQ, possibly needlepoint. But then what? I want something that will be on display, even if only in my craft room. So a fabric journal or book is out. Maybe a series of 12 “patches” perhaps 15cm square (6”) which I could tie together for a wall hanging? Or I do like the look I have seen in some blogs, of the finished article being left in a 15cm wooden embroidery hoop, so I would have a collection of 12 to hang on my wall. Or just adhered around a thick piece of card; again I would have a collection of 12. Or somehow work all 12 months in one piece? I don’t know, I shall have to sleep on it. I am finding it hard to make a final decision – perhaps “decisive people” should be among the characteristics I admire LOL.


  1. You have made a great start, I’m still trying to get my head round the concept ( and out of the ironing basket-todays challenge)

  2. Jocelyn, Happy New Year. I am a member of the Take It Further challenge. I like the work you have on your blog. I have added you site to my blogroll. I hope it is ok with you. Rene Orgeron

  3. Seems to me this is a fine start so far. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the experience, Sharon is so supportive as well as the other participants.
    Look forward to following your progress, now I must get going myself.
    Happy New Year

  4. Hi Jocelyn. Well done for being first up with a pic in flickr! I am taking this challenge too so I”l be dropping by again to see how you are getting on. Good luck and I hope you have lots of fun with the challenge. You have some lovely work here in your crazy quilting.

  5. Love the mindmap approach! Good luck with this first challenge.

  6. Hi Jocelyn. What a great idea you have in mapping your brain! I love the concept. Am just a little frightened to think what one might find in a map of my own brain. . .*giggles*.

  7. Great start Jocelyn. LOL about the decisiveness here too. Thanks for the comments on my blog!

  8. Thanks for passing by my blog . Interesting to read about your start to Sharon’s challenge…. I have it in the back of my head .. but it is not going very far at the moment, so well doen for getting started.

  9. Hi Jocelyn – I love your thought map/tree. :o) What a wonderfully visual way to wrap your head around our first concept. I am looking forward to seeing how you interpret it in your design. :o)

  10. Hi Jocelyn, Glad to see you have a blog! I look forward to seeing your challenge piece and I love seeing how your brain works. LOL … don’t know if I could map mine out as well.

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