Posted by: Jocelyn | January 10, 2008

Starting to stitch

January's Planning sketchJanuary's block
I really want to do this challenge as Sharon suggested in her initial page about it; where she says:  The challenge is to take the idea, develop it and push it towards a resolved design during that month. In other words you interpret the idea and apply it to fiber or paper.”  

Hmmm. Develop the idea. Interpret the idea.  Sounds quite a way from my usual “just start stitching and see what happens”. But it is this idea of designing and planning that I really want to develop, because with my usual way of doing things, the end result is often nothing like what I initially wanted.


So…  I mapped out a square to follow when piecing my block, and sketched in the elements I wanted to include.  The block itself turned out pretty much like my design.


But uh oh – the owl I made is way too big for my sketched design. Do I make a smaller owl, or “adapt”?


I decided to adapt – I wasn’t that happy with my design anyway. It was threatening to be some simply embellished seams with a few motifs thrown on top, and nothing to draw them together.


So, I shall now get on with embellishing as I go, keeping in mind that I would quite like to have the heart, the cross and the cat and I definitely want to have Oliver’s roses.


I made owl from a pattern on Moonstitches blog. She has both “flat” owls and stuffed ones, and I think they are just fabulous. One day I want to make myself a nest of those owls.


  1. It looks nice, and I like the way your owl got out of the box, I believe it’s so typical of admiration.

  2. your block is going to be just beautiful. Your blog is coming along very very nicely. I love the way you explained all about your block.

  3. My apoligies for missing New Zealand from my sketch, I do know, by repute it is the most beautiful place. I love your owl, he has real character. I look forward to seeing the “resolved” piece. Scary isn’t it???LOL

  4. That little owl is precious. I really like the design. the colors are soothing aren’t they. You can do a bunch with that design. Make a limb for him to sit on. Give him a mate. I don’t know? But the block is going well. Glad you are enjoying it. Rene

  5. Most of the time I just jump right in and do the piece too! I’m looking forward to learning how to slow down a bit – develop an idea and work out the design process. Should be a great year!

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