Posted by: Jocelyn | January 15, 2008

My CQ paper holder

CQ paper holder CQ paper holder 'in situ'

I am stitching on my TIF piece, but haven’t got a picture just yet, so here’s something I did last year.  I covered an ordinary cardboard magazine holder with crazy quilting, and now it lives on my desk at work, and looks after all the loose papers that would otherwise be littering my desk.  I cannot understand why my colleagues at work (all men), and my husband said “No” when I asked if they would like one too <grin>.


  1. What a wonderful idea!!

  2. Those men obviously have no taste. I think it looks great!

  3. My goodness, that is lovely. I have shelves full of these holders and it never occurred to me to add artwork to them. Aren’t you the clever one?

    Maybe you could do one with football mascots for the men.

  4. Beautiful CQ paper holder. I must do this for my computer desk.Thank you for the idea dear Jocelyn.

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