Posted by: Jocelyn | January 25, 2008

A quandary, a conundrum

Sometimes I find it so frustrating to be someone who likes to have only one or two things on the the go at any one time. Because when I have finished a project, it can be so difficult to decide what to do next! There is only project to start, so it had better be good, my mind tells me.

I am doing the Take It Further challenge each month, but I need something to do when my challenge piece is finished each month. Right now, drawn thread work is exciting me., maybe with some pulled fabric in there as well.  But so is more needlepoint. And then there is the crewel work I have always wanted to try.

And I want to design it myself – but what design? I love the flowing, sinuous, sensuous curves of art nouveau. OK, but do I want an abstract pattern, or one more based on the art nouveau stained glass designs that I originally thought about?

 Oh, and I have been wanting to do something just pretty and girly, with beads and such like.

And getting back to whiteowrk, I have long fancied doing a sampler with all sorts of white work panels on it – hardanger, naversom, ukranian, drawn thread, mountmellick, casaguidi, schwalm etc

Choices, choices.

At this rate I am going to spend all my leisure time surfing around the internet looking for something that will scream “that’s what i want to do”.

Decision, decisions, decisions!



  1. What a quandry! LOL I know what you mean, there are so many beautiful possibilities!

    I love drawn thread work! I’ve promised myself that once I finish one of my larger pieces or find a bit more time (somehwere!) I’ll stitch a drawn thread piece by Linda Driskell – she has some really beautiful pieces.

  2. You sound like me (except I get sucked into staring more than one thing at a time)- so many ideas, so many decisions. The lull between projects can make me lose momentum sometimes.

  3. Mmm, a common problem I think, LOL. That’s what happens when you’re a creative person. I try to solve it by having varied areas of interest. Then I can think about lots of different projects in say, needlelace, patchwork, embroidery and historic costuming. The hardest part comes when you have TOO many projects in the USO basket, and not many in the UFO basket, VBG. Good luck at deciding on your NEXT project, I have to make 4 costumes by the middle of February, so I know what is next, I’m just wearing my Black Belt in Procrastination at the moment.

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