Posted by: Jocelyn | February 5, 2008

Take It Further in February

Peace!  Love!
Tie-dye,  love beads, smilies, string art, fringed bags, psychedelic art, bellbottoms, flower-power, long hair, Woodstock.  Macrame!

I am old enough to remember hippies!!

I am not too sure yet, how I am going to get these into a crazy quilt block, but I guess tied-dyed fabric has got a be a feature. 🙂

I am only just old enough to remember the Hippy movement – I started high school in 1968 which was towards the end; and of course I am a New Zealander and New Zealand in the late sixties was not exactly San Fransisco.  To my friends and I, it was just a fun thing, just the external trappings we saw coming from America, with a bit of protesting against war thrown in. Perfect for rebellious teenagers.

Well this one certainly isn’t going to be a pretty Victorian-type crazy quilt block is it. But I am sure it will feature some flowers. 🙂

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