Posted by: Jocelyn | February 11, 2008

Cyber Fyber


I am very excited to be taking part in the Cyber Fyber exhibition being organised by Susan Lenz; I am going to trade both a postcard and an ATC with her.

 Now that I have said I would do it, and have made my postcard, I am suddenly beset with all kinds of doubts, concerns and 2nd guesses. I have not really taken much notice of all the fiber postcards and ATC s that have been bouncing around in internet land, and so I took a look at the ones people have been making for the Cyber Fyber exhibition, and I see that pretty well all of them are sort of abstract. Manipulated fabric, manufactured fabric, felting and the like. I haven’t yet seen any that could be deemed a “picture” like the one I have done.

So, is mine ok? Is mine what is meant by “fiber postcard”? I don’t know. I emailed Susan to check what she really means by “fibre postcard” and she kindly said that an embroidered picture is fine – so I shall post it today, along with the ATC I did.

Oh yeah – in case you are wondering what the funny looking beaked object is, in my post card – it is a kiwi. That’s right, a kiwi is a bird. It is a flightless nocturnal bird, about the size of a hen, with a long curved beak. Found only in New Zealand. Fossicks around for worms and insects on the forest floor. Very endangered because it cannot fly away from weasels, stoats etc introduced to NZ and now feral. One of our national symbols.
Kiwi is also a colloquial term for a New Zealander. 

Those brown furry oval things, bright green with black seeds inside? Those are kiwifruit. Not really from this part of the world at all – I think they were originally from China because we used to call the Chinese Gooseberries, but perhaps we were one of the first countries to market them.

Lesson over for the day.


  1. Jocelyn This is very cute! I have worried about the exact same thing with my things for cyber fyber – my ATC is an applique beetle, and the postcard is going to be embroidered sort of abstract but not like the postcrads one sees on the net – so you have put my mind at rest.

  2. Jocelyn
    I really like your kiwi!

    Thanks so much for sharing your work on your blog and for your comments on mine. I’ve awarded you a “You make my day” award! See my latest post (Feb 10) for details.

  3. I adore your postcard. It’s just wonderful. It is nice to see something different from all the abstract designs. Even though the postcard I am trading is abstract as well, the ATC I am trading isn’t though. I am participating in Cyber Fyber as well. Isn’t it fun?! : )

  4. […] to swap… I’m not sure which one to send. I am having the same concerns as Jocelyn at pins and needles (with the cute kiwi – bird, not fruit!)…but I think a bit of variety is a good thing, […]

  5. Your kiwi is perfect. And the postcard much more than okay, it is lovely!

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