Posted by: Jocelyn | February 12, 2008

Take It Further – February

I am old enough to remember hippies!

TIF feb

The start of my block for February’s Take It Further challenge – remembering hippies.  To me, in the early teens and living in New Zealand, hippies were all about psychedelic colours, tie-dyes, love beads, peace symbols, long hair, leather fringes and flower-power LOL. 

So that is the start of the peace symbol; everything on this block with be done in seed beads, and maybe a few buttons.

Which fits in nicely with my plans for the 12 TIF pieces for the year. Each one will be a 6 inch square crazy quilted block, and each one will have the same layout of pieces. I have a pattern of them and will cut the pieces from that pattern for each block.

But each block will be done in a different crazy quitling “style” (or what I think of as CQ styles) – beaded, encrusted, antique, monochromatic, landscape, seam treatment only, based on a printed image, silk ribbon only,  lots of lace etc.  Whether I can get 12 distinct styles remains to be seen; I may have to repeat a few.

I think it will be interesting to see the different effects one can get from 12 CQ blocks, each the same size with the same shaped pieces making up the naked blocks. Just different ways of embellishing them.

That’s the plan, anyway.  🙂


  1. A great interpretation of TIF

  2. I like the fabrics, and putting them into a CQ block is a fun, funny idea. I like it. Rene

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