Posted by: Jocelyn | February 21, 2008

TIF February – finished!

TIF February

I have finished my piece for February’s Take It Further challenge – “I Am Old Enough To Remember Hippies”.

I am planning to do each block for the challenge in a different crazy quilting style, so when I thought about the love beads that were so common in the hippy era, it seemed obvious what style this block would be – all beads.  And a couple of buttons LOL.

So here it is – my memories of what “Hippies” meant to me in the late sixties – tie-dyes, beads, peace synbols, flower-power, fringes, bright colours …


  1. Very nice – looks hippy to me!

  2. Beautiful and definitely hippy! Also wanted to let you know that I returned the honor of awarding you the “You Make my Day” award. You are an inspiration and I love reading your blog.


  3. Love your ”I Am Old Enough To Remember Hippies” block – reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, but 2008 style!

  4. Jocelyn, The block is adorable, I love the design, your work has a clean look about it. That appeals to me. You are a very good artist. Get ready for the change in seasons. LOL Rene

  5. that is really sweet! I love the balance of it, and the colors..

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