Posted by: Jocelyn | February 26, 2008

A Doodle Needlepoint bag

Doodle Needlepoint bag
Last month I posted a picture of a piece of “doodle needlepoint” that I had done – I finally got around into making it into a drawstring bag. I shall use the bag for carrying embroidery projects in when taking them to work on outside my home.

Doodle needlepoint is such a lot of fun – just tent stitch, but making small shapes, such as squares, octagons and triangles, or irregular. Then filling them in with different colours and designs, and joining them together with stripes and blocks of colour. Just like doodling with a pencil.

It really needed something else, and so I did a simple drawn thread border around the patch of needlepoint.

I enjoy projects like this from time to time. The needlepoint was fun to do, with no concentration required, and then it took hardly any time to turn it into a bag. It would have taken even less if I had used a sewing machine; but I prefer to do my stitching in the evenings, in front of television, and so it is entirely hand-stitched.



  1. What a gorgeous little bag ! You must be very pleased with it, the colours are just right, it’s obvious you enjoyed doing it. Thanks for sharing,

  2. This is adorable. I loved the piece before, but this really sets it apart. The borders add to the design. I think I said this before ! But your work is so clean both in design and work. That is truely a gift. On to March Challenge Rene

  3. What a lovely piece of work!

  4. exquisite bag! It is little a tiny detail of a Chuck Close portrait.

  5. I really must learn to edit my comments! That was meant to read as “it is like a tiny detail”

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I like your embroideries, this bag and the blackwork very contemporary.

  7. I’m so intrigued with this doodle-point. I’d like to learn more about it. I just love the finished bag.

  8. What a great concept…doodle needlepoint. Do I understand correct that you did random shapes in tent stitch and filled in with other stitches? Did you just work from stash ? I am going to have to try this.

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