Posted by: Jocelyn | March 8, 2008

Take It Further – March (work in progress)

The theme for March in Sharon’s Take It Further challenge, is around looking at the small details, and how they can be emblematic of larger things.  It took me a while to settle on something for this month – there are so many small details!  But I realised that embroidery itself is very symbolic of this – each tiny stitch is a small detail, and together they combine to make something much bigger.

That coincides with my having purchased Pam Kellogg’s e-book on seam treatments, so …
My piece for March has seam treatments taken from Pam’s book, and each patch will feature the small elements from those seams, illustrating how the simple tiny details work together to create complex embroidery.   I don’t know why the colours look so washed out in this picture.

Incidentally, I am really enjoying doing the seam treatments a la Pam Kellogg. Counted needlework is my favourite embroidery, and so to  use it in crazy quilting like this is just fabulous. Thanks Pam, for your generosity in sharing your technique through your book.

It is also working into my plan to have each block in this challenge done in a different style of crazy quilting. January was my regular CQ work, February was completely beaded, and now March is in the style of Pam Kellogg. Each one is (so far) pieced according to the same template, so I think it should be quite interesting to see how different all the blocks are at the end of the year.


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing your block progress! I love what you’re doing with the “details”!
    And I do hope you enjoy working with the border designs in my book. I just love the perfection of doing seams with charted designs.


  2. I think your choice is perfect. (may steal it!) LOL
    I have not even started to think yet. My blog site is giving me fits. Finally got the ring thing up and now everything is at the bottom of my blog! I really don’t like this blogging much. On top of that my computer is out! Using this old one. LOL I hope March turns into a better month. Ok, now how are you? Has it turned cold yet? Keep working, I love your stuff, Rene

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