Posted by: Jocelyn | March 25, 2008

TIF March – finished

TIF March - finished
The part of March’s theme that I chose to do is around how small things can be emblematic of larger ones, and it coincided with my having just purchased Pam Kellogg’s e-book on using waste canvas to produce beautiful seam treatments for crazy quilting.

So my piece (15 x 15cm or 6 x 6 inches) has tiny elements stitched into each patch, and then these combine to produce the complex seam treatments. Each one is from Pam’s book. I love counted thread embroidery and I really enjoyed doing these seams; my mind was constantly seeing how I could change things, or use different colours to get different results.

For instance earlier I posted a progress picture on this month’s block, after I had done one seam and the centre of that was all one colour. I kept looking at that seam and seeing it in 2 different colours, and eventually I could stand it no more – I unpicked it and did it again but using 2 colours (though this time I didn’t add the little “fans” of straight stitches along the top and bottom). You would never think, at first glance, that they are exactly the same, but all that has changed is the colours.

In the picture the centre patch looks orange, and some of the stitching is pink (on my monitor, anyway), but they are actually almost exactly the same peach colour in real life. 

It’s nearly April – I wonder what is in store!!


  1. This is very pretty – Pams waste canvas seam treatments are lovely.

  2. What a lovely block Jocelyn and the stitching is superb

  3. The seam treatments are unusul and thank-you for pointing me to Celeste’s work.

  4. I’m not a CQ’er and have been amazed at the transformation you have worked on your original pieced block. The tiny stitched elements have given the block a very delicate feel.

  5. Hi Jocelyn,
    What size is your block? I’m always curious as it gives me a better idea of things.. I love how your stitches came out and the colors are soft and pretty… April here, whats in store for this months TIF ?

  6. Your block is sooo beautiful – I’m drooling over it! And such beautiful colours. I really badly somehow need to learn crazy quilting!

  7. Hey Joc, I am finally back. I love the block. You did a wonderful job with the embelishments. Don’t you just love it when yoiu find a pattern or book that teaches something new, and then you can run with it.
    I got a new computer, now to get back to work! Rene

  8. A wonderful piece!

  9. Your stitches are absolutely exquisite. Beautiful, beautiful block.

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