Posted by: Jocelyn | April 19, 2008

Making journals is fun!

I am really enjoying the online class run by Sue Bleiweiss, on making your own journals. A new technique is taught each week, and we have done 3 of the 5 weeks so far. What fun!  The covers are fabric, and stiffened with pelmet vilene, giving them a fabulous flexible almost organic feel. And of course gives so much room for personalisation. Sue is very patient and her instructions are terrific; and she really encourages us to try out our own interpretations and ideas. A great tutor!

Anyway, on with the pictures ……….

 Journal week 1

Week 1: A band of embroidery (using Pam Kellogg’s technique) on dupion silk.  I used plain paper inside as the journalling I prefer to do is mostly writing, with maybe a few simple line-sketches. Most of my class-mates seem to enjoy making the decorated pages the Sue shows us, but I prefer my pages plain. I do use lots o colour in my writing though, and I like to vary the writing too – sometimes it is at an angle, or even upside down LOL.

 Week 2, front cover
Week 2 Inside cover
Week 2: This is my sketchbook from the second week – the front cover, and inside front cover showing the pockets to hold pens, tags or whatever.  If you click on one of the photos you will go to my Flickr site where there are a couple of other views of this journal.
Week 3

And this is week 3. Options for this week including binding with ribbon or fabric, as I have done, screwposts, or a method of tying which incorporates twigs or choptsticks or coloured pencils etc.  I used a lace motif and sewed on some beads and pearls (which don’t really show up in the photo, but I am pleased with how they look in real life).

Weeks 4 and 5 to go.  I am really pleased that I am doing this class with Sue.


  1. Your journals are beautiful and elegant! And I agree, the class if fabulous. I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

    Heather P

  2. Those are really nice. Great fabric choices! 🙂

  3. Hi Joc. Lovely work, I like the journals, and your taking a class with a great Fabric Art Teacher, I read anything I can find on her blog. I think the last journal with the motif on the cover would be a great date planner for a bride to be. I like the animals on the second, and your embroidery on the first! You are having fun, it shows! Rene

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