Posted by: Jocelyn | May 1, 2008

April ‘Take It Further’ challenge is finished

April TIF
The theme for April was “How do you see Change?”.  To me, change is often just a different path to walk along, resulting in different experiences to what you would have had otherwise. Not necessarily good or bad, positive or negative, just different.

So on this month’s block I have made a purple path that goes from one side to another – I can walk along that path and see the pink and white flowers, enjoying the walk as I go. 

Or, I can change paths, and see other flowers instead. With some of the changes, I won’t know what I will see until I get further along the path – I may start off with trepidation, not sure whether I will see a nice garden, or a watesland. Change is often like that – will it work out? Will everything be ok? Should I change paths?

Some paths head off in an entirely new direction, others lead back to where I was earlier, others are shortcuts. When I make the change to a new path, I probably won’t know where it will lead, but I can be sure that it will lead to an experience I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I may enjoy the new walk, I may not. But without accepting change I will certainly miss out on seeing new things. Sometimes I will decide to stick to the known path, and that’s ok too. 

Whether I accept change, or decide to stay with what I know, my path will lead somewhere. Either way, I cannot be sure where i will end up – anything can happen, even on a path I think I know well. Sometimes I will stay on the known path, other times I will change.  Isn’t life exciting!  🙂


  1. this is lovely – I love your concept of pathways across the block, seeing different things depending on the route

  2. Beautiful and the embroidery is lovely. I also am using nature for my change TIF – almost done, not quite!

  3. Your April TIF is just lovely. The colors are beautiful and the technique used for the hollyhocks or are they gladiolas, either way they are perfectly lifelike.

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