Posted by: Jocelyn | June 1, 2008

My Whitework Sampler – a WIP

I am starting a new major project – a sampler of Whitework stitching; it will be approx 50 x 70cm (20 x 30 inches). I love to do counted embroidery of all kinds, and am especially attracted to whitework, but I haven’t tried many of these techniques before. I have a rough idea of how my sampler will look (it will not be a traditional band sampler), and each technique will occupy a segment.  When it comes to the styles I haven’t done before, there is going to be a period of research and trial stitching before I actually work on the sampler! I would like to include hardanger, schwalm, casalguidi, Ukranian, drawn thread, pulled fabric, naversom, montmellick etc.
Informal needleweaving
I started with informal needleweaving – because this is something that I don’t need to try out first – it allowed me to just get it started while I am feeling excited about it all LOL. This section is approx 1.5 x 3 inches. I may add some beads to this, but I won’t decide on that until I have done more of the sampler.

But first I needed to work out how I will secure the ends after withdrawing threads from the fabric. I tried out various methods on scrap fabric of the same thread count (32 ct) as my sampler, and stuck them into my project journal. As my sampler will not have to withstand a lot of handling or washing, as say a tablecloth would, I can choose a not-so-secure method, so for the needleweaving, I wove each strand back under one thread only, then satin stitched over the top.
Journal for securing the edges of withdrawn threads.

The next segment will be Hardanger, which I have never tried before. The Kloster blocks and satin stitching should be ok, but I am not so sure about filling in the open squares that are created when threads are withdrawn in both directions. I cannot wait to try it however! Luckily it is a long weekend here in New Zealand, so I have an extra day to play with. I have a rule that I do not do houseworkon any Public Holidays, so I can spend the whole day stitching. 🙂


  1. What a great idea ! I love white work and I’m looking forward your progress.


  2. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this idea. I love whitework.


  3. 20″ x 30″ WOW….You are ambitious. I will look forward to seeing your progress. Are you waorking in hand or on a frame?

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