Posted by: Jocelyn | June 28, 2008

Take It Further – June

TIF – June

Originally uploaded by Pins and Needles

The theme for June is around the stories told by our stash. Like many other people’s, my stash includes fabric cut from old, discarded or out-grown clothing. What better story can be told, than to follow the life of a certain baby girl who grew up! The story is told from the upper right corner, and follows an “s-shape” through to the bottom left. The story of a baby girl as she goes through childhood , through her wild teens, to marriage, Then some shiny, fun, party clothing in early adulthood, and on to ‘business’ clothing of employment and more conservative clothing of the ‘mature’ woman.

The theme also fitted well with my plan to make each block reflect a different style of crazy quilting, although I am not terribly happy with the result of this aspect I wanted to do this in “antique crazy quilt” style, which is usually just fairly plain seam treatments without the bits and bobs of the more modern CQ work. I took each seam from pictures of antique quilts that are advertised on Ebay, but it really didn’t end up with the right efffect. I think the patches are too geometric, and not so “crazily” placed and overlapped as is often seen in old quilts. Also many old quilts have stem-stitched diagrams/pictures embroidered on some patches, so perhaps I could add a couple. Maybe a cat on the ‘mature woman’ patch, and something on the shiny purple young woman patch. I shall think about that.



  1. Hi! I just saw your work on the Take It Further Challenge blog and thought the blog name sounded familiar. Why? Because I host a sewing blog of the same name, but at blogspot: !

    BTW, your hand work is lovely – the drawn work in your previous post is beautiful. I enjoy all sorts of hand work, so your blog is a treat.

  2. Jocelyn This is interesting – my grandmother had a crazy quilt that was made of tailor’s samples – it was not at all ornate, very similar blocks to this but the only decoration was feather stitch along each seamline. We were allowed to take it to bed if we were very good! But it was awful scratchy.

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