Posted by: Jocelyn | August 10, 2008

Needlepoint at Stitchin Fingers

stitchin fingers challenge
Here is my piece for the very first challenge from the Needlepoint Group at the community for fibre and textile artists, Stitchin Fingers.

The challenge was to stitch this piece , a free download from the American Needlepoint Guild, though of course we could choose our own colours, size, threads and even stitches. Really the only requirement was to keep the same “log cabin” outlines and I guess, to use 3 shades of two different colours.

I stitched it on linen as I am not keen on using canvas when some threads remain exposed, and that is the case with this design.  I also changed a few things (I am not very “good” at following patterns; I don’t think I ever followed one exactly because I keep thinking of things I would prefer to do differently).  I used a multi-coloured metallic with a fair bit of turquoise (to see it more easily, click on the picture then choose all sizes, the ‘original’ size gives an extreme close-up view) DMC floss and Perle, and a variegated turquioise floss. There are 2 areas where I changed the stiches entirely – immediately to the left of the cross, and the vertical area on the right hand side.   I see that the scanner has caught my block looking not quite straight – please excuse that!

This was a fun challenge, and being “allowed” to change the stitches gives the opportunity to try out some design skills and make it more personal.


  1. Love the colours you have used. It’s amazing how different these pieces look in the different colours chosen

  2. I like your piece. Those are very in colors right now and my granddaughter has always loved them. I like your idea of doing it on the fabric as like you, I didn’t like the background showing when it’s needlepoint canvas. Besides, what I have is ecru colored. I didn’t try this challenge as I have too many projects going right now in other areas – which is why I signed up under the WIF part of the group! What will you do with this piece now? Add to it? Just set it aside?

  3. You did a wonderful job. Your color choices are great!
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

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