Posted by: Jocelyn | August 22, 2008

needleweaving WIP

Well, I am not very diligent about blogging, am I?  A long time between posts, but I don’t suppose that matters really, in the great scheme of things. Ah well, moving on…

I am stitching furiously on my whitework sampler, on an area of formal needleweaving. The photo above is very much a Work In Porgress shot – it shows the reverse side of my sampler, with the fringes of withdrawn threads. I snip each one in the middle, and withdraw them to the edges, then turn them to the reverse side and weave each one under one fabric thread to hold it. Once I have finished the area, I will just satin stitch down the sides, then trim off the fringes.  It’s not the most secure method in the world and not one that I would use for something that is going to be tossed in the washing machine, but it’s fine for a sampler that will just hang on the wall.

Which, incidentally, I am determined will be the fate of this piece once I’ve  finished stitching it. I am hopeless at actually displaying many of my embroideries, and have stacks of things just stuffed into a cupboard – one day I might finish some off!  It seems though, that once I have finished stitching I lose interest in the piece.  It’s not that I am disappointed with them – I love the way most have turned out – it’s just that my interest is in the process, not the result.

I hope to finish this area this weekend, then the fun part of deciding which technique to do next.  Then researching it (and documenting the research in my journal, thanks to Sharon B’s recent class on keeping Studio or Design journals), trying it out on scrap fabric and sticking the results in the journal too – then the real fun part – stitching it. 🙂



  1. Wow Jocelyn, that is quite an exquisite piece of whitework and well worth the wait to see the photo. I have heard many stitchers remark how they complete the piece, but don’t have it finished, framed, etc. I used to be very good about rushing to the finisher/framer once my piece was stitched, not so much any more. I think the more pieces I stitch the worse I am about finishing. Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. I thought I was the only one who finished a project and put in a stack in the closet. Living in a motorhome I don’t have wall space. To me the “doing” is what I am adicted to.
    Your whitework ia awesome. Something that I wouldn’t even try. Kudos. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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