Posted by: Jocelyn | September 8, 2008

Scrumble bag front
scrumble bag back
Here is a small bag I made some time ago, using the “freeform” technique. It is a mixture of knitting and crochet, and is great fun to make. You just switch from knitting to crochet at any time, and pick up or bind off stitches anywhere so that the work grows in all directions. I have used a variety of yarns in neutral colours, and the finished bag is about 20 x 17cm (8 x 7 inches). It really is fun to make, and of course you cannot make any mistakes at all! You just add the texture and colour you think would look good, and it all meshes together. The bag is very simple indeed – just a rectangle folded in half, and sewn up the sides, then a separate piece added to be the fold-over flap, and a rectangle of lining fabric sewn inside.

As usual, you can click on the picture to go to my Flickr page, then click on All Sizes to see it larger (choose Original size to see it beigger than lifesize!)

You can find out more about freeform knitting/crochet at Prudence Mapstone’s website Knot Just Knitting, and she has a lot of links to other freefrom sites. While you are there, click on Exhibitions then scroll down to the Virtual Exhibitions where you can see pictures posted by “the public” in some online exhibtions that Prudence set up (A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Handbags is my favourite).



  1. Hi Jocelyn

    Your bag is really nice and also saw the beautiful one posted in Dec.

    This looks like so much fun. I went to her site and will have to go back and spend more time. This is something I would enjoy doing. Thanks for the pics and info.



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