Posted by: Jocelyn | September 17, 2008

A dilly bag

I have been taking some photos of pieces I have made in the past, in my pre-blogging days, and shall share some them every now and again.
Dilly bag
Here is a dilly bag I made a few years ago. I had fun making it, but have never used it – it just hangs from a coat-rack in my craft room (shock, horror – yes, I call the room where I store all my bits and pieces, my craft room).  I bought the coat rack as a means of storing all my bags, some of which are purchased but most of them I have made.

I was rather pleased with the way this turned out, although it is very simple.  Quite basic embroidery and ribbonwork on some panels which are then sewn together. It is compeltely made by hand as  I didn’t own a sewing machine then. 

I have got a bottom-of-the-range machine now, which I bought to do the seams on such articles, but I often don’t bother.  It seems like such an effort to get the thing out, find some thread, fill up the bobbin which always seems to emprty at an innopportune time …  It is just easier somehow, not to mention more enjoyable, to sew them by hand, and doesn’t take much longer.  The other reason that I often don’t use the sewing machine is because I like to stitch in the evenings after work, sitting in the living room while my husband is watching television (I am listening to it, rather than watching it), and I don’t want to go to the other end of the house to where my sewing machine lives.  So really, I am just being too lazy to use the machine 🙂



  1. Lovely – the ribbon flowers are very effective. I feel the same way about the sewing machine – all that time to fill the bobbin, cant watch TV at the same time etc – but i am growing to like it more – I have it set up where i can sit down for 10 min or so and stitch a few seams and save the hand stitching for evenings when I sit with matt, and like you, listen to the tv – it seems a bit unfriendly to be whirring away on the machine when he has been at work all day missing me. 🙂

  2. I worked with a women once who stitched he clothing by hand. She made dresses and everything, which strikes me as all together too much work, but then my idea of not fun is using any kind of sharp needle. I’ve done needlepoint too long and even with a thimble I prick myself.

    Keep Stitching,

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