Posted by: Jocelyn | October 8, 2008

They shrink-wrapped our living room!

We've been shrink-wrapped!

shrink wrapped 2

At long last we have started to redecorate the living room. First up: get rid of the textured ceiling and have it painted! They wrapped the room in plastic, even over the doorways. They cut a slit in the plastic and we had to fight our through to get to the next room.  The plastic will stay up for only a few days I hope.

I shall bravely post some ‘Before’ pictures as well, to show how badly this work was needed. The house where we live is the one I was brought up in; I have lived here my whole life except for the 10 years between when I was 20 and 30. We bought the house off Dad when he remarried after my Mum died, and we did some work on it a few years later, but nothing since about 1987!

It was originally a tiny 2-bedroom cottage, then Mum and Dad built a self-contained flat on the side for my Grandparents. A few years after we bought the house from Dad, we joined the house and flat and made it a fairly big house. Our kitchen was the original one from Gran and Grandad’s flat until we renovated it 2 years ago (you can see pictures of that in my Flickr album), and we knocked down the wall between the flat’s living room and bedroom to make our living room. I am finding it very very exciting to think about having a modern living room at last!
The 'Living' end of the Living Room Where we spend our evenings, my husband watching tv and I listening to it while doing my embroidery.

My Nest My “nest”, surrounded by my embroidery stuff. Twister is in the floor stand, and bits and pieces in the plastic containers

Guarding the curtainsKC the cat is guarding the old curtains. She was not a happy cat, watching us demolish the room.


  1. enjoy the renovations if you can, and imagine your nice *new* house while everything is covered in dust and paint

  2. Remeber a cat’s motto is “Change is bad.” My female remonstrates with me every day when I make the bed because she doesn’t have a comfy place to sleep. should she wish to.

    Keep stitching,

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