Posted by: Jocelyn | October 27, 2008

The end of an RR

Why haven’t I blogged for a while? I haven’t really got any excuse. [hangs head]
I cannot say that life got in the way. I haven’t been particularly busy. I have been stitching but haven’t bothered to photograph anything.

Of course, having shingles didn’t help – horrid disease! Painful, itchy and just horrid.

So….. time to remedy my blogging neglect.

I have been participating in a Christmas Stocking Round Robin, as part of the Southern Cross Crazies (a Yahoo group) – here’s Maria’s stocking which I have just worked on.
RR Maria's stocking
I am the last person to work on this, and I just love it; I hope Maria does too. It’s mostly red and gold, but the scan doesn’t show up the gold very well at all. The embellishments I have done are the wreath, the gold roses and the seam connecting them. I like doing these wreathes – it’s just flystitch round and round in a circle and is very simple but quite effective I think. I left the tails of the bow long so that they can hang over the patch below them, or perhaps Maria might like to chop them off and embroider something there herself.

But the other work on this stocking is just stunning. I love the Christmas tree, with its shiny metallic decorations, and isn’t that tatting lovely! The person who did that managed to find a variegated red/pink thread in exactly the colours of a couple of the patches. Then there’s that green silk ribbon embroidery in the toe – beautifully worked, as is the row of red roses on the lace, with shiny gold sequins and beads to set it off.

But just look at the white patch at the bottom. I love the red “doodad”; it’s the sort of detail which really adds interest but which I never think about doing myself. And see the wee holly leaves just attached to the stocking by some beads? They are stumpwork – fabulous!

I will post this on to Maria on Tuesday (Public Holiday for Labour Day on Monday – woohoo!!!) and I guess my own stocking will be showing up soon. Can’t wait to see it.


  1. It is lovely – Im sure she will be thrilled. Hope your shingles are better.

  2. Jocelyn – hope you are feeling better soon – shingles are yukky!

  3. Gorgeous! What a treasure she will own.

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