Posted by: Jocelyn | January 23, 2009

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

sunshine makes me happy
This was the project from the January meeting of Cyberpointers, which is the online chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild, and it was designed by Meg and Tory Shaffer.

I changed a couple of the stitches from the orginal design, for no other reason than that I usually do – I cannot remember the last project I stitched exactly to the design. And I chose the colours and threads from my stash. My stash is pretty limited and I didn’t want to use only perle thread, so I didn’t actually have much choice of colours – ecru/white, yellow, green and purple were the only colours where I had 3 different shades, LOL.

I used Neon Rays (left over from some I had bought online when I did the Puzzle Purse) at the bottom left, some purple ribbony stuff in the bargello section, some crochet cotton in the palest purple section and the variegated green and variegated yellow is some Cam Creations silk. Years ago, a crazy quilting group I was part of bought up a huge lot of silk that Cam Creations was quitting, and we all shared it out among each other. I love Meg’s idea of using a sparkly metallic to outline the sections – it made a huge difference.

The variegated purple section (DMC perle) makes me think of an Easter egg, LOL!



  1. This is lovely Jocelyn – a great challenge to use what was at hand and make it all work so successfully

  2. I really like your variegated purple! The overall piece looks really great.

  3. Jocylyn, Different colorways sure make projects look different. I too chose my colors from stash and the Desert Sunset theme was designed because they were colors I had 3 skeins of.

  4. This is really pretty! Nice work! I am glad that I am not the only one that always changes something!

  5. I visited your site from kiwiquilters and am delighted to see canvas work – I taught this in the eighties and still have a great fondness for it, you might have inspired me to dig out some unfinished pieces.
    I also was blown away by the photos called mosiacs!

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