Posted by: Jocelyn | January 28, 2009

Back to Whitework and pulling threads

Pulled Thread
Yayyy – it’s back to more of my whitework sampler. I so much enjoy working on this, and my hands really like it too – I wash them so often while stitching, and then when I am not stitching I lavish hand cream on them so they don’t dry out.

Anyway – the stitching. I have actually spent quite a while on the Mountmellick section of this sampler, but after agonising over the design, and then stitching it, I decided it looked ridiculous and so I unpicked it all! Fed up with that for now, I moved on to a simple Pulled Fabric section.

Nothing complicated about this Pulled Fabric pattern although it does require 2 seperate steps – the diagonals are all done first and then you go back and add the eyelets.

Pulled Fabric of Pulled Thread? I was always taught that it is Pulled Fabric, and Drawn Thread, though I think perhaps it is the other way around in other parts of the world. The way I was shown, we withdraw a thread so Drawn Thread, and when we Pull on a thread we are distorting more than just that thread, it affects the whole fabric round it, so Pulled Fabric. Ah well, it really doesn’t matter, does it! You say tree tomato, I say tamarillo. 🙂


  1. I say pulled thread – i think because one pulls the thread tightly – but pulled fabric makes just as much sense. the more one reads the word pulled and write pulled the sillier the word pulled looks.

  2. That is great Jocelyn. I am always confused and have to think twice – especially when you add the term ‘drawn fabric’ into the equation. Sometimes i think that maybe Dillmont had it right when she talked about “openwork on linen”. Sorry to hear you were unhappy with the Mountmellick work – hope ti wasn’t too difficult to unpick.

  3. Lovely, Jocelyn. I like how a simple design can be just as beautifual as some of the more complicated ones.

    Sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the Mountmellick work.

    My hand like me doing Japanese Embroidery, then get hand creamed several times a day.


  4. […] yet…still I am tempted. I keep seeing others (Jocelyn, Marg et al.) doing white work, and Marjorie’s tree embroidery (you need to enlarge the photo […]

  5. Whatever you choose to call it Jocelyn, it’s still beautiful!

  6. Beautiful pulled fabrics.nice Jocelyn. i appreciate it very much.

  7. I enjoy seeing all the whitework on here. It makes you think about all the most talented people that we have in the in the world of “Whitework”. Beleive me I know of many…..

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