Posted by: Jocelyn | February 17, 2009

Pulled, drawn and textured

I’ve done a few more sections on my Whitework Sampler…
pulled & drawn

Areas of Pulled Fabric, interspersed with Drawn Thread.
Withdrawing the threads, weaving them in at the back, and satin stitching the edges is such tedious stuff, isn’t it! Of course, when I mentioned that to my husband, I got the inevitable response that the whole thing is boring, LOL.

I don’t really enjoy doing drawn thread work, so I haven’t done much in the past. I love the look of the really fancy ones around, but there are so many other techniques that I enjoy working on.

For instance, Pulled Fabric – I love doing this. While working on these sections, I realised they are a little too fine to really show the work off well. The fabric is 32 count. One day I would like to do some on a much more open-weave, where the laciness will show up well.
Textured embroidery

This is “textured embroidery”.  It was supposed to be Mountmellick work, but as I embroidered it, I realised that I couldn’t justify calling it Mountmellick even though the design and stitches are fairly typical. One of the main features of Mountmellick is that it is worked in very matte thread on fabric such as satin jean, but mine is the opposite way around – DMC Perle has a sheen to it, and the linen fabric is matte; and of course satin jean has a much finer thread count.

So “textured embroidery”, or perhaps “Mountmellick style”. This small section actually has a lot of different stitches in it – chain, french knots, colonial knots, buttonhole, fishbone, couching, stem, feather, one long bullion knot (the stem to the berries) and of course mountmellick stitch (outline of the large leaf). The picture looks grey, but I had to adjust the brightness so the white-on-white showed up reasonably well.


  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    This is absolutely fabulous work. Very nice job.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I must remember to keeping checking back in to see this evolve. Just beautiful.

  3. Last time I tried to leave a response something happened and it vanished. this is great Jocelyn.
    I love the drawn thread and the pulled thread and the Mountmellick style – the pulled thread does look very delicate on such a closely woven fabric but it is special.

  4. WOW- this is GORGEOUS!

  5. I can’t wait to see it finished as it consists of a lot of the techniques that I really enjoy doing……….be sure to let me know when it is completed

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