Posted by: Jocelyn | March 15, 2009

Not a lot of stitching going on

International Cricket
This time of year I am always really busy with cricket. I do the scoring for a local premier (top grade) club – Parnell – as well as national and international matches. So every Saturday throughout summer I am to be found at cricket between 10am and 7pm – and at this time of year we are often there on Sundays as well. As I also work full time, it doesn’t leave me a lot of time for other things. Just a bit of stitching in the evenings.
Yesterday was an international match between New Zealand and India – which NZ unexpectedly won! Yayy!. So if you know anything about cricket, when the umpire makes his signals, it is me he is waving to.

Actually there are 2 scorers – in NZ we have one doing it by hand with pen and paper, and one scoring on a computer which also gets fed live to the internet. I was doing the computer yesterday. Here’s the inside of the score box (you cannot see me, I was taking the photo! The guys with us are looking after the scoreboards at the ground.
The Scorebox

Club cricket
parnell club cricket
And here’s a shot of one of my club games. Altogether nicer surroundings!

 It’s just terrible to spend 9 hours on a summer’s Saturday in a lovely park, with 22 young men! 🙂

And even some stitching
Ort Box
And to prove I’ve been doing a little stitching, here’s where I am up to with my Ort Box. This is a project that the Cyberpointers chapter of American Needlepoint Guild is doing. Fancy me belonging to a major embroidery guild in America!!! This is one of the sides of the box (partially finished) and the bottom – a quick project (if you don’t keep going to cricket) and interesting to stitch, with completely reversible blackwork.



  1. Jocelyn,
    Your ort box is lovely, colors are really wonderful. Glad you’re getting a little stitching in. You sure have a birds eye view of the playing field. Sounds like you’re having a great Summer.

  2. Look at you! A cricket scorer! A dear friend used to score baseball games here in the States. Interesting hobby and very useful to the teams.

    Your box is lovely, by the way.

    Jane, your fan in Chilly Hollow

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