Posted by: Jocelyn | June 11, 2009

Why are the eyes so green?

1st needlepoint
Here’s a picture of the very first piece of needlepoint I did, waaaaaaaaay back in my teens. (goodnesss, that’s long time ago, LOL).
I wonder why I used such a vivid green for the eyes? Perhaps because I liked the look of it against the hot magenta background. Funny thing, but those are still 2 of my favourite colours.
I was so pleased with the way this turned out, and in fact I still like it. Ok, so some of the stitches aren’t terribly even, and some of them are completely missing; but hey, it’s a cat, so it can’t be too bad!

Did I mention that I am a Cat person? 🙂

I would love to see a picture of some of your earliest work. Come on, post a picture in your blog, or on Flickr or wherever, then head on over to Janet’s blog, Nuts About Needlepoint, where you might even win her give-away!

The other reason I am posting something old
Because I haven’t got anything new. I have recently developed what my doctor calls Mouse Elbow. It used to be Tennis Elbow, but as I have never played tennis, but play with my mouse every day, I think the new name is much more apt. Whatever it’s called it hurts, especially when doing embroidery or knitting.

Hmmmm so what am I supposed to do in the evenings while the television is on, if I cannot embroider or knit? Just sit and watch television??? How boring is that! So I sit and sulk, LOL.
Actually, it’s getting better and I am able to embroider for short periods. But not enough to have anything new to show – – hence something old.


  1. When I can’t stitch, I look at old needlepoint books and dream of new projects, stitching in my mind.

    Keep stitching,

  2. my first piece was a cat too… here’s an old blog post that has the picture…

  3. sulking is a great cure for mouse elbow – keep at it, and you’ll be fixed in no time!
    i think the green eyes make it.

  4. […] at 6:57 pm · Filed under embroidery, life Jocelynn posted her very first needlepoint project here in response to a challenge atnuts about needlepoint and encouraged everybody to do the […]

  5. I’m doing surface embroiery, not needlepoint, so the original challenge is not for me. But I liked to read about other people’s beginnings, so I posted my own.

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