Posted by: Jocelyn | June 22, 2009

Almost a Market Tote

Market Bag 4

I finished this Market Tote bag over the weekend, though it’s really an Almost Market Tote as I made several modifications to the pattern.

The pattern can be found here: Kint 1. Magazine.

– Instead of having sloping side, I made them straight.
– I lost the ties at the sides.
– I made the thin strip a bit wider, and made it go right around the bag.
– I used 2 different yarns.
– I only have one handle instead of two.
– I made it a bit smaller.

Other than that, it’s exactly like the pattern 🙂 🙂

Market Bag 3 Market Bag 1

I’ve really enjoyed knitting over the last week or so – it didn’t upset my Mouse Elbow, so that’s getting better nicely and I shall soon be able to get back into some embroidery.

I have also made some gloves and a beanie for Brynley, and some gloves for me – but as we both left them at work over the weekend, I can’t show pictures right now. They were in response to the cold weather we’re having!! Really, it’s bloody COLD. We have a ramp from our backdoor instead of steps, and I need one bucket of water to get the ice off the ramp, and another bucket of water to thaw out the car. I don’t do cold.

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