Posted by: Jocelyn | July 7, 2009

Exploring the Pavilion

Exploring Pavilion stitch
Exploring the Pavilion stitch.
I belong to CyberPointers, which is the online chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild (imagine me belonging to an American embroidery guild!) and we have just started a stitch-along where we will be looking at various stitches, to see what we can do with them.

Yes, yes, I know the threads in this piece are not laid at all well! In fact, I made no attempt to lay them neatly at all. I just worked with the canvas in hand, no hoop, no stretcher bars etc, so I didn’t have a spare hand to use to lay the threads.

Of course, I have come up against the old conundrum – at what point does a stitch variation stop being a variation and start being a completely different stitch? I was thinking about seperating the rows of diamonds with a row of tent stitches – would it still be Pavilion stitch I wonder, or does that variation have another name?
Another example – in the 2-tone section of my exploration, I have done diamonds over 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2 threads, but substituted some of them with 4 small diamonds over 2, 4, 2 threads. Now they are really Hungariain stitch I guess, but in this context I think they are just tiny Pavilion stitches.

And who cares what the name is anyway!! I hadn’t taken any notice of stitch names until I joined CyberPointers – I always just used the stitch I wanted and its name was immaterial. And now I’m in with super-stitchers who throw stitch names around with gay abandon (are we still allowed to say “gay abandon”? Perhaps it should be “wild abandon”. No; I refuse to get all PC. Learning stitch names is a big enough change 🙂 )

I am thinking of making this the beginning of a stitch sampler a la Sharon B, of Pintangle. Have you SEEN her sampler?!!! Over 45 feet (13.5 metres) long and still growing!!!

And if you enjoy needlepoint, and haven’t joined CyberPointers, why not do so? Our next meeting starts this Thursday (9 July). And in the following meeting (in September) yours truly will be conducting a free workshop where we will make a notebook from scratch, with a piece of needlepoint on the cover. Come and join us.


  1. i refuse to get all pc too. gay abandon it is. the boys asked me what queer meant the other day – they had heard it in the ‘old’ context, so i told them the ‘old’ meaning. anyway explaining the new meaning to young boys who ‘hate’ girls would be too tricky for me.

  2. Beautiful! You could be a CyberStitcher too you know. LOL

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