Posted by: Jocelyn | July 10, 2009

I need your advice, please

I have finished the stitching on my whitework sampler!
But now what?

I really want to get this one finished and up on a wall, and not leave it to languish in a cupboard (the fate of most of my work!).
I will probably send it to a professional framer, but what do I do to preapre it? It needs a bit of a wash – any advice? I guess I cannot just chuck it in the washing machine, LOL.

So how do you clean your embroidery before framing it? It is all DMC perle, on linen, if that makes a difference.
Hardanger WIP Informal needleweaving

ukrainian wip Formal needleweaving


  1. Jocelyn, my second attempt to comment, don’t think WordPress likes me, VBG. You need to gently wash in a bathtub of warm water and mild detergent, rinse very well and then block by pinning to a board to dry. I’d use brocolli box lid or foamcore board. Draw 2 straight lines at right angles to line up warp and weft. When just damp, dry iron on back over fluffy white towel using ironing cloth to prevent scorching. Make sure framer is experienced with embroideries, glass shouldn’t touch work surface. Hope this helps, Hooroo from Sydney Australia

  2. what Christine said. I wash my embroidery with handsoap. and make sure the pen you use to draw on the foam is waterproof! im looking forward to seeing it framed.

  3. I have also been taught that after you have washed and rinsed your piece you put it into boiling water. This actually shrinks back all the little ends where you have cut threads away. ie like along where you have the buttonhole stitch areas etc. I know people that have done this to all their pieces with great results. Also the practice is done by our prominent whitework teachers in Australia……….intersting to hear your views…………Louise

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