Posted by: Jocelyn | July 28, 2009

Diamond Iris – all hung up

Diamond Iris
Diamond Iris is hanging on the wall – most unusual as most of my embroidery ends up stuffed into a cupboard. I hummed and hawed over how to complete it, and came up with this method which works well I think, and was certainly easy to do.

I covered 2 pieces of heavy cardboard with purple fabric, then wrapped the embroidery around the smaller one. Then I sewed each of the 4 points of the smaller piece to the bigger one, and bingo – all completed.

Well, nearly all completed. Of course I found that the weight of front piece was pulling at the fabric on the back one and making the fabric pucker. And no-one likes a bad pucker! So I got some strong but thin beading thread and took a couple of stitches from each point right through both bits of cardboard and tied them off at the back. That means the thread is taking the weight, not the actual fabric, so no more puckering.

Easy peasy way to finish off a piece of embroidery.
Diamond Iris 2


  1. Woo hoo! That’s very nice. I like how you finished it and it gives me hope that finishing mine will go smoothly – I’m planning to put it on the lid of a paper mache box and was worried about how the edge would look, but yours looks great.

    Out of curiosity, what thread did you use for the outer border?

  2. It is wonderful….all the projects I choose to pass up look great when someone else completes them. You do beautiful work.

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