Posted by: Jocelyn | September 5, 2009

A one-sided affair (so far)

Beginnings of a table mat

I had a sudden urge to make a table mat or doily for our dining table, but I didn’t want to spend any money on it, so had to go with what was in my stash. The only suitable fabric was this khaki one, and the only perle thread I had in 2 different weights was this white…

So khaki and white it had to be.

I didn’t plan it out much really, and just started to stitch, using ideas from Pam Eaton’s book “Ukrainian Whitework”.  But I confess that after doing the centre of the first side I did plan it all out in Excel. I don’t have any fancy stitching software so I just use Excel. Just make the grid-lines into squares, and add the lines with the drawing function. Fiddly perhaps, but easy.  ‘Group’ the lines, then you can copy, paste and rotate them to produce repeated sections.

I haven’t decided yet what will be in the centre of the empty squares. My first thought was a satin-stitch motif, but now I think I might put some eyelets in them. What do you think – any ideas?


  1. Personally I love the stark white against the khaki – certainly from the “distance” I’m seeing it. It looks lovely and will be truly amazing when all sides are completed.

  2. That is gorgeous, and if I had any time at all I’d be raiding my stash to join you in your Ukrainian whitework table linens endeavor.

  3. wonderful jocelyn. i am getting uncontrollable urges to try whitework – maybe not quite on this scale to start with though.

    i dont know if my opinion is worth a pinch of poo here – but i think eyelets in the centre of the squares

  4. You’ve been tagged – see my blog!

  5. Absolutely lovely! I think eyelets in the corner squares and satin stitch in the center squares on each side. Algerian eyelets are faster and make a kind of ground fabric that I think is lacier than regular eyelets. Just my opinion.

  6. Reminds me a little of Gay Eaton’s piece called “Maria”. It is in her book on Ukrainian Whitework. I have done the Maria one myself. I was introduced to Ukrainian Whitework by Gay but apart from her book I cannot find any patterns/designs anywhere.

    I have been looking for some small projects to do but they are as scarce as “Hens Teeth”. hehe.

    Just love your piece……….Louise

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