Posted by: Jocelyn | November 30, 2009

OK, so I’m years late making one of these….


It takes me a while, sometimes, to join in with what others are making. I have loved biscornus ever since I started to see them appearing in various blogs quite a number of years ago. But I hadn’t made one myself until now. It really was fun, and quite intriguing, to watch it taking shape as I sewed 2 squares of needlepointed linen together.

I chose to use colours completely outside my comfort zone – I don’t think I have ever worked with these strong “autumny” colours before, but of course I enjoyed doing so. I don’t think I’ve ever really met a colour I didn’t like.

Here’s the top view:
biscournu, a bird's eye view

Aren’t biscornus fun! And you can have such varied tops on them. Here’s a couple that I have always admired over the years:

Here’s the block before I transformed it into the top of my biscornu.
The biscornu block

The block, called “Circling Doves”, is designed by Peg Dunayer, and is one of the ones in an e-book published by CyberPointers. CyberPointers is the online chapter of American Needlepoint Guild, and some of us embroidered 4 inch squares based on traditional quilt blocks – these were assembled into a wallhanging for a raffle at the 2009 Seminar, and the patterns of the blocks were published as an e-book called Classic Needlepoint Quilts.

You can see a picture of the quilt, and details of the e-book, at



  1. Very pretty, Jocelyn! This is incentive for me to just go ahead and buy the e-book already!

    • Hi,

      Would love to know what the e-book is. …………..Louise

      • this is also gorgous Jocelyn……………….Louise

  2. Jocelyn – your biscornu is gorgeous! The colours work so well and I love the design you’ve used for it. And you’ve got me blushing now too, with those lovely things you’ve said about my biscornus!

  3. That is fab! As soon as I looked at the colours I thought they didn’t look like you. It’s good to do something outside of our comfort zones every once in a while though!

  4. You may be late (which I don’t really think you are), but it is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it.

  5. WOW! You may be “years” late but what a beauty you’ve created! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Oh, cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those. Beautiful work!

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