Posted by: Jocelyn | December 30, 2009

A needlepoint adventure – want to come along with me?

I’ve decided to go on a bit of an adventure, and thought you may like to come along for the ride.

I am going to create a geometric needlepoint design from scratch, just making it up as I go. I shall try to document my thoughts and stitching, and we’ll see what happens. With a bit of luck it will turn out ok, but if I think it is all becoming a bit of a disaster I shall simply abandon it, ok? I am not going to keep on stitching that I don’t enjoy.

However, let’s not talk about that – I haven’t even started yet!

So first things first ….
Fabric? Well, I have some congress cloth so I guess that will the obvious choice. I want this to be from my stash. I don’t have a huge stash – things are too expensive here to just buy on the off-chance that I may use them ‘one day’. But congress cloth I do have.

Threads? Hmmm, probably best I think about colours first. What do I want …. brights? pastels? neutrals? lots of colours? analogous? complementary? monochromatic? themed? So many choices. Let me look at what I’ve got.

I have my threads sorted by colour rather than type, because I would usually decide that I need say a green, and then choose which green I want. I’m much less likely to decide I want to use a silk then choose from them which colour I fancy. So all the greens are thrown together. Likewise the blues, the reds/pinks etc. All the multi-coloured variegated are together and all the metallics are together. I say “all “ – there are maybe 5 variegateds for instance; hardly a record-shattering collection! 🙂

OK, I seem to have a variety of blues – different shades, different textures. Blue sounds just fine for me.

Now, back to them congress cloth. If I am going to use all blue threads, then I would like the fabric to also be blue. Out with the fabric dyes I have (useful in my other life as a crazy quilter. That’s someone who does crazy-quilting, not a quilter who is crazy, by the way. Well, possibly it’s both, LOL)

Right all set. Best way to start is to just start stitching. 1 square in the centre seems a reasonable start for a something geometric.

Woohoo —- I have started my adventure!



  1. I shall be watching with interest as I have thought of doing something similar to use up the enormous stash of threads I have.

    But try as I might I cannot persuade myself that I have the time just now.

  2. OOOh, I can;t wait to see what you do. It’s so inspiring!

    Keep Stitching,

  3. […] has several posts so far on the project. In this first one, she describes her idea, picks her colors and prepares the […]

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