Posted by: Jocelyn | December 31, 2009

My adventure continues…

Yesterday I stitched a square in the centre of my fabric but of course I had to make a decision before I could do that – well, 2 decisions actually.

First how big should it be? As yet I have no idea how this design is going to develop, or what will be inside the square, so how could I possibly decide on the size of the square? How about 64 threads each way inside the square? (Being a square, it would HAVE to be each way wouldn’t it. Duh!)
64 threads means that stitches over 4 or 8 threads will fit perfectly. But if it is 72 threads then stitches over 3 or 6 threads would also fit –that would double the possibilities of fillings. But 72 threads would take up too much room. I didn’t measure the fabric when I cut it – I just grabbed the frame and cut the fabric to fit LOL. OK, how about 66 threads, and work with stitches over 3 or 6 threads only?
Arrggh. Just make a decision and go with it. I want to spend more time stitching than thinking about what to stitch! So, I settled on 64 threads inside the square.

Now, how do I stitch the square? Well, I guess the stitching inside the square should probably be more important that the square itself, so I chose a simple unobtrusive diagonal over 2 threads. I think that might be called “gobelin” but I am really not very au fait with stitch names. I just stitch and don’t take much notice of what it’s called. I reversed the direction in the centre of each side so that the stitching continues seamlessly around the corners and each corner is identical.

In the diagram, I used the red layout – you can see how the corners would be different if I had followed the green stitches.

I used one of the dark blues so that the square would be well defined.

Stitching Inside the Square
Now, what am I going to put inside the square? A nice simple stepped line seemed a good idea. It took me a couple of goes to get it centred nicely, but I think it looks pretty good. Now, how about another one inside the first? If I leave a gap between the 2 lines I could put something a bit fancy inside the space.
Stitching begins in the centre square

(a bit later that day……)
You know, I really think I need to have some sort of idea what direction this is going to take, but how on earth do I make a decision? There is an infinite number of things I could do once this centre square is finished. I want it to be symmetrical, but how do I decide what shapes to have around the centre square?

How about based on a quilt block? Traditional quilt blocks are often used as a basis for geometric needlepoint! So, I took myself off to Alex Anderson’s website and settled upon Weathervane, although I decided to add an extra V in the middle sections to create a diamond shape:

I’m feeling quite excited about this project – can’t wait to work on it some more!


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