Posted by: Jocelyn | January 2, 2010

Hooray – the centre is done.

In my last post I had started the double stepped line in the centre square. Then came the question of what to put in between the lines. And what do you know – the very first thing I tried worked!  A thread of metallic, couched down with the same thread. What a lift it gives.

So now I have a diamond in the very centre that needs to be filled. Well now, I just love Jean Hilton-type stitches and this seems like the very place for one. I could spend ages searching through my magazines and books for the “perfect” one but instead I will just take a quick glance through the pattern book from when I did the Puzzle Purse and choose one, and that will be it.

(“Spending ages with my mags and books” makes it sound like I have lots doesn’t it! I have 1 year’s worth each of Needlepointers (2009) and Needlepoint Now (2008) and 3 books. It just takes me ages to look through them ‘cos I get side-tracked with other ideas LOL)

Add a few jessicas and straight stitches and call it done.

Now the triangles at the corners of this centre square. Hmmmmmm. I tried all sorts of things in these corners and ripped them all again. I didn’t like how any of them looked. Some obvious triangle motifs like sprats heads, stripes of satin stitch, diagonal Parisian stitch etc etc.

I started to get a little frustrated. If 4 little corners are so frustrating, is this whole project worth it? How will I cope when I move outside this centre square??? I decided to try one more thing, and to keep it simple: A filling of diamonds over 2 threads. Love it! Well, I like it is perhaps more accurate. It looks a bit dull, so maybe I could add some beads when it is all finished.

In the meantime, the centre square is done!
The centre square

Now I get to move outside the nice safe centre square into unknown scary territory 🙂

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