Posted by: Jocelyn | January 7, 2010

From a diamond to some squares

Now to finish off the Diamond shape. I really like the look of a simple diagonal line made of stitches alternating over one and two intersections, so let’s try that out.


Yes, that will do nicely, I think. I will consider how to fill in between those two lines later, but the same as I did in between the stepped lines in the centre square seems a likely contender. A bit of continuity.


Yep, I like that. Hmmmmm…… but now I’m not sure at all about making it a double line. Should I leave it as it is? But there’s that gap where the diamond doesn’t quite meet in the inner corners. There are 5 empty threads there. Looks a bit odd, don’t you think?

Less is more, they say.

Ok, how about if I just do a row or two of simple backstitches on either side? Or plain old cross-stitches, perhaps? Nah, don’t really fancy .them.
Something a bit fancier, like a braid? No, I don’t want to detract from that lovely woven effect I’ve created.

I wonder what it would be like if I just do long stitches from the centre of the V to the edge?


Oh yes, I like that look. But those stitches are awfully long. Will they be ok? It’s just going to hang on the wall, so there is probably no reason why they would distort or sag. Maybe I will put them in for now and then I could easily replace them if I think it’s necessary once the piece is finished.

Now what?

I simply do not want to agonise over what to do next. I could sit here for a month of Sundays thinking about what do next, pouring over magazines and searching the internet for inspiration.

So just pick a spot, pick a stitch and do it! Don’t over-think this, just do it!

Right! I will now work on the four outer corners. And in the mood of just stitching, and not over-thinking it, I will use that square/diamond stitch that I used to create triangles in the centre square. And what’s more, I will create triangles in these outer squares. How’s THAT for continuity!!!



  1. Those long stitches are simple but nice. It’s going to be a really pretty design!!!

  2. Jocelyn, This is wonderful to watch. The design is coming together nicely and I like the continuity of the outer and inner triangles.

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