Posted by: Jocelyn | January 9, 2010

Some motifs will be today’s motive

Now which section will I work on?

I think the four big triangles in the points of the diamond. What are the options for these?
• A motif taking up most of the triangle?
• A filling stitch that covers the whole triangle?
• More than one filling stitch within the triangle?
• More border stitches, concentrically following the shape of the triangle until it is filled?

I love the sort of stitches invented or popularised by Jean Hilton, and there is one in particular that I adore. It uses 3 different threads, and especially looks great if one of the three is a metallic. Let’s see how that looks:


Well, I love it. It’s so dimensional and the metallic makes it spectacular I think.

BUT I am afraid that it just looks too heavy in this piece. So sadly I took it out.
And of course then I found that the holes were now enlarged, after all some of them had several strands of thread going through them! Oh well, too bad. Maybe whatever I choose will cover them, and it is an experimental piece that I am doing here; it’s not as though I intend to enter it into a competition.

But the next thing I tried looks way better. Even my husband said it looks quite good 🙂 . Yes, I think that will do nicely.


The empty squares are next
Oh dear, those squares in the corners are looking awfully empty. They are just crying out for something now, aren’t they!
I have a couple of ideas – how about one of these?


No, I don’t think I like the diagonal angles in them. It seems to detract from the diamond.

OK, how about this?

Ahh yes, much better, I think. They need something else of course, but I will worry about that later.

Now, if I could just get some photography and photo manipulation skills, so the photos all look the same colour, things would really look better, LOL



  1. I think the motif that you said looked too heavy in the first photo would look stunning in the squares you stitched in the last photo. This is fun to watch. Keep up the good work.

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