Posted by: Jocelyn | January 15, 2010

Continue with Weathervane?

I really am pleased with how this is looking so far, and I look forward to doing a bit more on it each evening after work.

I’m feeling a bit anxious though, about the big square sections in each corner. I’m using the quilt block pattern called “weathervane”, which calls for a mirror image of what I’ve already done in the corner; but I just cannot think of what to do in the two triangles. I simply cannot envisage anything at all. So let’s try out a few different shapes, with long basting stitches.

The Weathervane is at the top left:


So … Those triangles in the Weathervane are too hard. How about leaving them out and just have the square that remains, so that the outer edge of the whole thing is not a straight line? Hmmm, I quite like that idea, but I think the square jutting out is a bit too much (top right).

OK, how about just one really big triangle? (bottom left). Well, what on earth could I put in there that wouldn’t overwhelm the whole thing? I am afraid if I put a couple of different patterns in there to break it up, then it would take the focus off that big diamond and I do want that to be the main focus.

You know, I am still thinking about that top right section, and having an irregular outer edge. How about if I slide the square down into what I’ve already stitched, just leaving a smaller triangle (bottom left)? Ah yes, I rather like that.
I’ve sized it so that each side of the right angle is 32 threads – the whole of the big square there is 64 threads, so I’m thinking that using 32 should work out ok. But it looks a bit skimpy. Perhaps if I make the triangle shape heavier by turning it into a border?

And what about if I carry that border through to the next corner???


Oh ho – I do like that!!
Now, what stitch should I use for this new border? Here are some of my try-outs. Click on the picture to get a closer view:


I like the herringbone, done in 3 colours.

And I was so excited about this idea, that it took me no time at all to do the whole border.


I love the herringbone but it looks a bit weak doesn’t it?

I think it needs to have a plain outline to make it look more substantial. But what colour? And how substantial? Nothing for it, but to do a couple more try-outs:


Definitely the darker colour, and I think it needs the wider line. Yes, I like the one to the left of centre.


Oh, I just love how this looks! Of course, it’s no longer the Weathervane idea I started with, but it’s way better I think. But that’s enough stitching for now.



  1. I’m really enjoying seeing your design process as it evolves, when I stitch ( not often enough these days!) I work a bit this way too. Your piece is looking really good now, must be getting close to complete? Thanks so much for sharing,
    Christine in humid Sydney Australia

  2. Jocelyn,

    I love it. It is absolutely beautiful. It has been real fun watching this develop and read of your reasoning behind each step.

    When will the pattern be ready to ship 🙂

  3. Oh Jocelyn,

    I love this piece. Is it Canvas work or petie point? I have not long finished Intermediate Canvas with the Embroiderer’s Guild and really enjoyed it. That looks like it is done on a canvas of some sort….I could get into that. You seem to have similar tastes to me………Louise

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