Posted by: Jocelyn | April 13, 2010

This one or that one? I am so confused!

I don’t know how people who rotate works-in-progress do it!

I have three projects happening at once, and I just hate it – I want to be working on all of them. I feel unsettled – I work on one and the other two are dancing around the room shouting “what about me, do some more on me”.

I haven’t touched my blog in such a long time as I didn’t have anything to show for all my work; nothing seemed to be making headway.

So what are these three projects?

Tiffany Window – a Chapter Book Project from the American Needlepoint Guild:
Work in Progress 2
I haven’t put in the dark lines that represent the lead lighting of the window as I wasn’t sure whether or not I want them. I think I can add them in successfully later on if I decide I want them, but I will wait until I have done the stems and outlines. I’m feeling quite unsettled about it, in the meantime.

Solar Flare – from Ro Pace’s Memories series.
Work in Progress 1
I am loving this project, everything about it appeals to me. I’m not feeling unsettled with this one, I just want to keep working on it.

A shawl for my mother-in-law:
Work in Progress 3
I think the clever closure on this shawl will work quite well for MIL as she is bed-ridden and this will cover her shoulders nicely on cooler days. At least I hope it will – I think it may be a bit too short though I might be able to lengthen it with blocking. In the meantime I am feeling quite unsettled about it. It’s a free download from Carols’ website although there is no picture there (there are pictures on Ravelry if you’re a member there, just search for Carol’s Clever Little Shawl).

So there I am. Feeling very unsettled having 3 projects on the go.
Which one should I work on? How long should I work on it before switchiing to another? How do I get over this feeling of not making headway because nothing is getting finished?

If you work on a few projects in rotation, how do you do it? Any tips?
Or should I just give up and do one thing at a time?



  1. I work on several projects at a time. I don’t think I could ever have just one going, because then all the ones that are waiting would be clamoring too loudly! If I rotate, I can at least keep them a little quieter. I choose what to work on based on how much brain power I have at the moment, where I’m physically working on it, how long a stretch of time I have to do it, how I currently feel about the project, and my mood. (Very precise, right?) For instance, there’s a painted canvas that I’ve been making great progress on, that has been stalled for a couple of weeks, because I’m going to have to rip out all my sky because the stitch is too big, and I can’t bring my self to do it yet. In another example, a couple of weeks ago, I had a nasty cold and no brain, so I spent a lot of time working on a piece that needs a layered border done before anything of the interesting stitching can be done. I couldn’t have managed any other project, but I got a lot done on the border, and now I keep doing a few lengths of thread in most of my stitching sessions, to keep up the momentum.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t have any hard and fast rules. I just do what makes me happy at the moment. (I should mention that I long ago gave up caring that I wasn’t actually finishing projects, so my approach might not work for you. )

  2. I love the Solar Flare and I want to see it finished!

    • Me too……..I am intrigued!!!!

  3. I usually have the same problem now-a-days. Once apon a time I used to just do one thing until it was finished. Now there are so many beautiful techniqes and projects available just calling out to be tried that it is creating havoc in with my life. I guess the solution may be to either do more on the one that screams the loudest or to keep some projects for when you go to certain places. ie Like Hardanger group, Mount Mellick group. I know people that do this an eventually get them done. Too slow for me.

    One thing is for sure though, if you ever find a solution then I would love to know what it is……….regards……….Louise

  4. I have also been looking at Colbert and Naverson embroidery. First time I heard about them both was here. If anyone has any inforfation or patterns/designs please contact me on

    Many thanks………….Louise

  5. I do a rotation stitching a lot of the time. Sometimes, I have to get one finished if it is a gift or something, but I have been doing it for a while. I get to stitch about 2 hours each night Monday through Friday and a little more on the weekends. I have seven projects in the works, and I enjoy switching them out as they are all pieces I want to get done. Some are large so it eliminates the boring background syndrome, and some are medium so you see decent progress, some are small and rotate out quickly. Others are brand new techniques and I am slow go on those. Each person has to decide if it really works for them or not. You might try two days of each of your three projects for a while and see how much you get done. It is kind of refreshing to switch them out yet see progress. Hope that helps!

  6. You are not alone, I am always torn as to what I “should” work on versus what I “would rather” work on; seems I’m often in conflict about this. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy every stitch usually, but I do have my favorites. Your projects are all worthy contenders so I say either stitch the one that makes you feel the happiest or take on the one that has the least amount of work remaining.

  7. I am a one-project at a time person. But recently I had two projects, both on floor stands. One in the living room and one in my studio. I worked on the one where I wanted to be. Completed one and am now in a motorhome for the summer so it is back to one project.
    My blog…do visit sometime

  8. I love the Solar Flare. Your embroidery is so neat and polished. I have to say I am truly inspired.

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