Posted by: Jocelyn | May 2, 2010

I think I like it after all

I have decided to stitch along with the Stitch of the Month mystery project on the American Needlepoint Guild‘s website.  Anyone can stitch along – you don’t have to be a member to get the pattern.

Stitch of the Month: May 2010

A warning…
Now, if you are one of the people who believe that needlepoint MUST be done on canvas stop reading here, because I am doing it on pale pink Lugana evenweave fabric, 25 count.  The other main departure from the pattern’s list of materials, is that I am using all DMC products – perle 8 and floss, and instead of Kreinik, Accentuate and blending filament I am using Precious Metal and Jewel Effects.

But do the colours go together?
I decided to experiment with the colours – that’s what things like this are for IMO. So instead of looking at colour wheels,  with their complementary, analagous, triad schemes etc, I thought about gardens.  How often do you walk through a garden and say “eeeww, those colours don’t go together”? Not very often, right?  So working with that philosophy, that there is nothing absolute that says certain colours shouldn’t go together, I started with a colour I like: turquoise floss, 959. Then hunted through my stash for a perle 8 in a similar family: 3814.  Ok, now I needed another colour and decided to move away from my comfort zone and go for a very yellowy green: 581, along with it’s paler version in floss: 3819. Now for something to contrast: how about pink: 603. Yes, they look pretty good together. I suspect from colour theory, that the green does not belong, as the other 2 colours are blue-based and the green is yellow-based, but right now I am not interested in theory. I like them and that is all that matters.

Why was I stitching something I hate?
After I had stitched the February sections I hated this! It was so ‘bitsy’, so piecemeal; little bits that didn’t seem to work together at all. But I stuck with it and did March’s sections – hmmm… not  much better. So I added in April’s and it started coming together.  Now I have finished May and I love it.  Actually I am still not so keen on it while actually stitching and therefore looking at it close up, but when I step back from it and see it as a whole, I love it.

So many stitches, so little area
It seemed odd at first, to have so many different stiches in such a small area, but othen I realised that of course that is the whole point of a Stitch of the Month, isn’t it? We are not just doing a mystery project here, it is part of Stitch of the Month, so of course it is going to have lots of different stitches. And when I stand back and look at the effect, not the individual stitches, I can see how they work together – for instance the puffiness of the  ¼ eyelets from February are echoed in the puffy amadeus hearts from April – they look terrific playing off each other.

How long till June?
I did the May stitching in very little time this morning – when the website says it’s another light month for stitching, they are not kidding. But it will give people a chance to catch up. It’s not too late to join in  – you will find quite a bit of stitching in February and March’s programme, but you will fly through April and May, and be all ready for June. I am loving this project – my thanks to Sue Reed for designing it.


  1. I love your color selection! When I first saw the picture, and before I started reading, I thought flowers!

  2. To be honest: your colours selection is amazing and unusual, but it suits all together! I had no heart attack reading about your fabric choice. In Poland canva is almost unattainable (only in UK and USA web shops) so most of stitchers used to work on linen, evenweave, unifil and other similar fabrics.
    I like SOTM very much! I like it even more now in May and I am really curious about June part!

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