Posted by: Jocelyn | June 29, 2010

I think I’m embroidering measles!

Stage 1 of my next project is complete – and my husband suggested that I seem to be embroidering a picture of measles. Trust a microbiologist to think like that!
Stage 1 of my new project

And on a side-note, about living with a microbiologist …. one weekend about 20 years ago will never fade from my memory. Imagine a group of work colleagues who play together in a social soccer team, and they decide to go to another town for the weekend of soccer, taking wives and families with them. That town happens to be famous for thermal activity and the hotel has a pool, naturally heated, containing natural mineral water. Now imagine being in the pool, with the microbiologists, while they discuss what organisms are likely to be in there with us. Fun!!?*!?


  1. About as much fun as having lunch with someone who oversees food safety environments where you work.

  2. ew.

    Still – he looked, at least. And besides, don’t we all like to have stories like that to tell about each other…!

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