Posted by: Jocelyn | June 30, 2010

Beginning the Waltz

I always find it astonishing how a few additions to my needlepoint makes such a huge difference to how it looks. Yesterday it looked like measles, and now I’ve added some Amadeus and it looks so different.

The beginning of the Waltz

Where does the Waltz come into it? I am following a pattern by Peg Dunayer, called An Evening’s Waltz – it featured on the cover of Needlepoint Now back in Jan/Feb 2006. Peg’s is in white, ecru and gold on black congress cloth and is stunningly elegant.

My version doesn’t have that elegance but I think I am going to like it anyway – and I’ve made a few changes. It’s on sage green Lugana evenweave (25ct) and I am using pinky mauves and a coppery/bronzy/gold metallic. The waffles (yesterday’s ‘measles’) are in DMC Perle 12, #316, and the metallic will be one of  DMC’s Antique Effects. The Amadeus are rayon floss from Madeira and there will also be some Gumnut Yarn’s Poppies (a wool/silk mix).

The other big change is that Peg’s orginal is square and I have added a repeat so that it becomes rectangular. I’m hoping to make it into some sort of bag or tote, but we will see how that goes.


  1. Yes, this is looking altogether less spotty, isn’t it. There’s a nice lilting, “whirling” feel which is very Viennese Waltz, too.

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