Posted by: Jocelyn | April 2, 2011

Stitch of the Month 2011 – the first 4 months

Stitch of the Month 2011 Feb, Mar & Apr

I am really enjoying the Hilton-type stitches in this year’s Stitch of the Month programme, available free on the American Needlepoint Guild’s website. January’s task was to outline the diamonds, and then we fill in one diamond each month.

And I’m enjoying using colours I don’t usually go for – I’m more of a cool-colours person – greens, blues, purples and pinks. We don’t know what the finished work will look like, although we do know the colours that will be used each month. Keeping those in mind, I decided to stitch each month’s diamond in a different position to what the designer (Ro Pace) suggests. It remains to be seen how it will turn out!!


  1. absolutely beautiful colours, very my style 🙂 so far the best colour combination I’ve seen in Flower of Italy, congrats 🙂

  2. Beautiful design. I went to the website but I think my aging eyes would have a problem doing this. I used to love needlepoint but have been away from it for awhile.

    Your colors are gorgeous. Keep up the good work and so good to read you again.



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