Posted by: Jocelyn | May 7, 2011

Oooh there are some wonderful people about !

It’s not often that words fail me.
But it happened when I cleared the mail a few days ago.

A parcel! Wrapped up in brown paper. All the way from America!
A gift from the lovely Jan – she of the Sitchlady blog!
There are some wonderful people in the world!

Just look at what she sent to me. Jan knew that I didn’t have access to many metallic threads where I live and so she sent some to me – along with some blending filaments and extra goodies. I was flabbergasted by her generosity.

Now I dare say that most of you have seen these glorious colours before, but they are new to me. My local store has a couple of different golds, but now I have blue. And Green. And Purple. And pink. And …….

And a needle magnet with a cat on it. How did Jan know that I am a dedicated cat lover???

I am beyond thrilled.Thank you so much Jan. You have made my week!


  1. I hope all is well with you…you haven’t posted in awhile. What are you stitching on ?

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