Posted by: Jocelyn | July 17, 2011

The beginnings

Taking a short break from needlepoint, so I’ve put down the tapestry needles and picked up the knitting needles.
The beginning

I’ve always enjoyed knitting, and while browsing around Ravelry recently I came across Jane Thornley’s patterns. Colour! Texture! Love!

So this is my first attempt at Jane’s style. I’ve been feeling the cold a bit this winter, so what better than a fun shawl/stole/very-wide-scarf to throw around my shoulders? It’s about 75cm (30 inches) wide and I guess its length will depend on how much suitable yarn I can find in my stash.  🙂  I don’t think the photo really shows off the different textures of yarn – I will try to get a better shot to highlight them when I’ve done a bit more.

Lots of fun, with free reign to ceativity. I am fighting the urge to come up with formulae, and generate a rotation list for the yarns and stitches. I don’t think that’s what Jane’s style is all about, but it is the way I usually tend to work. But not on THIS project!


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