Posted by: Jocelyn | August 20, 2011

This book has to be re-covered!

I have a little book with daily readings – it is well-read, and BADLY in need of a decent cover to stop it completely falling apart.
The Book

So of course I am going to make a needlepoint cover. 🙂
I will do it the style that Jean Hilton made popular with her piece called Puzzle, and then her Puzzle Purse. I found I really enjoy this sort of stitching when I did the Puzzle Purse and I also used this style when I made my needlepoint box.

So, here’s the first step:
For Today 1
I’ve outlined the area to be stitched with crosses, and then stitched some diagonal lines in smyrnas, creating simple shapes. I have no idea yet, which stitches I will use to fill in those shapes – I will just decide when I get to each one.

My threads… Mostly DMC threads – perle 5 & 8,, and floss. There are also some fabulous metallics that Jan from StitchLady very kindly sent to me.
For Today 2

And so to the fun bit…
For Today 3
I’m sorry it’s such an out-of-focus shot so that you cannot see the stitches well. I will try to do better as I stitch more. I would try to describe them, but I’m not very hot on stitch names… I tend to just stitch them without bothering about what they are called.

So that’s the start of my new book cover. As I progress, I will try to explain my thinking, and why I choose particular stitches. I love reading things like that on other people’s blogs so I shall try to do it too.


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