Posted by: Jocelyn | November 18, 2011

SOTM, Nov 2011

Stitch of the Month, Nov 2011

All the diamonds are one – so where will the variegated thread and the metallic blending filament be used in December? A border? Filling the triangles that formed? Hmmmmm….

I changed the position of most of the diamonds, from what the instructions suggested because I wanted the 6 that cover most of the canvas to be on the outside, and the four more open diamonds on the inside. I love the outer ones, but I think those 4 inner ones look a bit busy.

I changed some threads too – the 8-point star was supposed to be done in one strand of perle cotton, but my perle colours were too faint, it looked insipid. So I re-did it using 2 strands of floss. Much better. I changed at least one other diamond’s threads as well. Oh, and the walnetto in the bottom diamond – I did that twice too, because I did it in green and yellow first, and that really did look too messy. The green and terracotta looks a more defined.

I’ve hummed and hah’ed over whether to swap the 3 open inner diamonds. The way it worked out, was that the 2 with colours on opposite sides ended up in the centre. Would it be better to have the two spiky ones in the middle and the rounded one in the centre bottom? Or perhaps the two that have ‘cut-out’ bits in them should be the centre 2, with the solid star at the bottom? In the end I decided to leave it as is.

It will be interesting to see what December has us do to finish it all off.



  1. wow! this is gorgeous! love your colours!!

  2. your needlework is gorgeous!!

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