Posted by: Jocelyn | November 28, 2011

The mystery piece I was stitching from Laura Perin’s blog is finished. It is so glittery and shiny!! I have used this metallic thread before, but never in such quantity on one small piece – and if I had known how it would be used in this one I would have chosen a different thread.

So I am really glad that I didn’t know in advance. That is the joy and fun of mysteries like this – they can “force” you do try something different. Sometimes I might not like the result, and sometimes (like this one) I do like it, but either way is valuable. Mysteries always teach me something – and being a ‘planner’, someone who likes to plan ahead, they let me see that there is value in just stitching and trusting the process.


  1. Wonderful project. I did not know Laura had a mystery project on her website. How did I miss that ? Metallics are fun. I have done projects with a lot of metallics and like you I was tempted to tone it down but have been pleased with the results. Hug from AZ. Hope you are doing well

  2. i also did this piece and was amazed at how much metallic it took to do the whole chart! but in the long run i was happy with the results. i chose a softer colour palette but the same hues. and used overdyed silk instead of wildflowers as i am not overly fond of that fiber.

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